Media Agencies

Now agencies can create games for their clients, utilizing Match 3 + Win, proven technology, for their social network marketing, websites and advertising channels. Match 3+ Win games are built in standard IAB sizes and custom sizes are available.

Utilizing our gaming technology, agencies can easily create these games. Building a game is painless. These games can be built and up and running in minutes.

Agencies Can:

  1. Manage Multiple Customers

  2. Monitor performance on an individual basis or global, so you can view statistics from all of your clients at once; enhancing the ability to determine which prizes are getting the best response. This allows the agency to develop a "best practices scenario" and can alter games on the fly to meet competitive challenges or consumer demand. No longer do you have to wait for a marketing campaign to finish, to see what worked and what didn't.

  3. Full control of design, prizes, odds, rules, etc.

  4. Grant access to your clients so they monitor their own performance by sharing the "Scorecard" with them.

  5. Provide flexibility to alter Prizes, Odds, Advertising Channels, etc. to stay ahead of competitors in the marketplace. Games draw more interest in ads, then non-games. Forrester Research says that, Garton Research and others, support the claim that the ability for the consumer to engage with Client, whether through social networks, websites or advertising garners more interest than an ad.

  6. Initial Results show us that we are engaging with consumer more and converting 10-40% of game players. Utilizing a hybrid measurement, when the consumer plays the game is tracked and when they claim their prize, is tracked. Your agency receives an email of every conversion with a consumer name and email address.