About Us

Match 3 Win is a cutting-edge, online marketing solution that provides game-based promotional tools for any market. Our clients utilize our technology to create gaming widgets for their website, promotional emails and social media fan pages. The innovative flash widget platform allows games to be placed and played anywhere on the internet as a revenue generating tool to help extend your brand and engagement opportunities. Every player is awarded a prize, points or discount to entice them to make a purchase and in turn increase your conversions. Match 3 + Win engages users with your content, enabling you to derive the most revenue from your website and marketing efforts.

Match 3 + Win gives marketers and developers the tools they need to create a turnkey flash game in 30 minutes or less!

Our intuitive website will guide you through the process of customizing your game without the hassle of programming, designing, setting up servers, sites and so much more. Simply register to quickly create a game and have the ability to preview and play your game with no commitment to buy. Once you have purchased, you will have access to widget codes with the ability to manage, edit and create more games. All you have to do is embed the game in your website or social networks and encourage consumers to start playing your game. It's as easy as ...

  1. Register to fully customize a game specific to your brand's look and feel
  2. Play and test your settings
  3. Embed standard AIB widget code on your website
  1. Drive traffic to your white-labeled game
  2. Engage customers with your content
  3. Measure the success of your gaming initiatives

It's so easy, get started today!